COFFEE & CINEMA: Viewing Berlin Through a New Lens

COFFEE & CINEMA: Viewing Berlin Through a New Lens

We're not talking berets and scrabble. No. We're talking exploring Berlin's hidden Kino's and our recommended nearby Urban Coffee Corners to plan a fun-filled evening of culture! Read on for our staff picks.

Il Kino  |  Berlin's Newest Cinema 

IL KINO embodies the best of modern cosmopolitan Berlin. As one of the very few cinemas broadcasting international films in their original versions with English subtitles - it's an invaluable cultural place for expats and internationals not yet comfortable with speaking German.

The Neukölln cinema has been attracting theatre-goers since November 2014 after a highly anticipated rebuild -- having been overseen by Italian documentary film director Carla Molino, German screenwriter Daniel Wuschansky, and Norwegian musician and designer Kristian Pålshaugen.

Il Kino's programme includes arthouse, documentaries and short films, many of which can only be found exclusively at this cinema. With a super cozy 55-seat hall (at times closer to an intimate home-cinema experience, if not rather fancier), and a smart bar with Italian specialties and buffet on Sundays offers just the right setting to exchange impressions during an intermission.

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Babylon  |  Berlin's Only Silent-Film Theatre

Opened in 1929, BABYLON is one of Berlin’s oldest film theatres still in use, rating as one of the most famous (and oldest still-operational) silent film theatres in Europe and the world.

Famous for its secret anti-war resistance during WWII, it is also noteworthy for the beautifully restored and incredible-sounding original Philipp's theatre organ. The theatre has also retained its original film screen and orchestra pit, and since the 2000s an orchestra has been providing live music to all of its silent films -- just as they were in the roaring 20s!

With a sleek Weimar Republic era design, Babylon pays homage to its past with a selected programme of arthouse, classics, film and literary events such as Berlinale, or readings by contemporary authors.

As a special bonus there are free midnight seances every Saturday. So grab a coffee or sandwich at Tinman and go see the legendary sci-film of the Expressionism era, Metropolis, by Fritz Lang (definitely a must for all silent movie or retro lovers/geeks!)

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Lichtblick Kino  |  The Squatter Cinema

There is no such thing as too much of the Hollywood classic Casablanca – that is the reason why LICHTBLICK plays it every Saturday at midnight!

Kastanienallee used to be known for its gritty building facades and alternative living residences. The well-known 'former' squat (and bar) Kapitalismus ("normiert, zerstört, tötet") is perhaps the best remaining example -- but right next to it is the oft-missed Kino Lichtblick.

In the spirit of its foundation, this alternative cinema aims at raising awareness of political topics. But it is also a place for those who want to escape the dull reality/routine to enjoy the beauty/aesthetics of early Hollywood film art.

So before joining the film marathon, visit nearby 
Urban Coffee Club Corner for some strengthening: Message in a Bottle is a great way to kick off the evening with, choose from a great selection of nice craft "beverages" to take in with you. Afterwards, if you have a hot date to impress even further: the trendy 26 Shibuya across the road will guaranteed make your evening a home-run!

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ACUD  |  Community Arthouse

Enjoy an indie film in a serene atmosphere? Then there's no better place than the ACUD cinema! What started as a small gallery celebrating alternative art in 1990, has come to be one of Berlin’s most distinguished independent cinemas.

Today the theatre is part of larger art project known more formally as ACUD Kunsthaus, which is run by a group of artists, film makers and creatives in collaboration. As a former tenant house, each of its 5 floors offers various facets of alternative culture: two cinema halls, a theatre, a live jazz club, an art gallery, and a bar.

The ACUD association seeks not only to build a cultural community but also engages with political issues hosting regular readings, lectures, discussion forums and other events to educate participants on society’s ongoing problems. Curiously enough, the project was launched in the heat of the Berlin Wall Fall and has certainly been a tribute to the sweeping 1990s and the rebellious youth.

Although an overwhelming majority of Berlin premiers take place in ACUD, it nevertheless retains its tranquil and off-the-beaten track vibes -- and is still frequented less than other arthouse cinemas in Berlin. It's perfect for those who want to stay away from the maddening crowd and get a kick out of an interesting film.

If you feel like you need some stretching after sitting around too long, drop by Jivamukti Yoga to grab our coffee and give your body a great workout. Or if you feel like stretching in the other direction (your belly) hit up Coffee Corner Djimalaya for some kickass hummus and Instagram-worthy Israeli street food just down the hill!