Whether its the DDR era, David Bowie or punk rock, Berlin has always straddled East and West. This role has shaped its food, culture, and political spectrum. We shed light on those hidden gems that perhaps offer a little taste of this, whether its Prost! or Nostravia!


Where the British have high-tea, Russians have... Well, they have just... Tea. But it's not about just tea if you get our drift. 'Datscha', or little holiday houses surrounded by greenery -- distills (wink wink) the very essence of Russian life. These were spaces to feel free, to escape life, revel in nature and above all: enjoy Russian food with good friends, drink vodka and just relax.

In Berlin, Datscha is no exception.

The funny thing is, food aside, Datscha in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain are hoppin' places which go off to the max in the evenings.

Coop Anti-War Cafe-Bar

Nope, not so much socialist as it is anarchist. Possibly no standard menu, but there probably is potluck! And as we know, potluck is best served with a steaming hot side of Revolution. It's just so damn dreamy!

There's truly something uniquely Berlin, and punk -- particularly in the areas in the East, both sides of the wall -- which captured the spirit of freedom, protest, progressiveness, inclusiveness, and that indescribable zu vershenken decor derelict chic. It's all here at Coop Anti-War cafe, and is a very active organisation, but there's also many great events, gigs, a store, and most importantly lovely caring people here. Don't be a dick, and you'll feel welcome.

I hear the beer might be Czech!


Gorki Park

Predating hip Mitte, Gorki Park is apparently one of the oldest cafe establishments remaining in this part of East Berlin.

It's Russian to the core, and your experience is bound to be too -- ensured not just by the classic decor, but the food itself as well. The menu ticks all of those boxes we love: borschch, blini, soljanka, wareniki dumplings, stroganoff -- all washed down with the healthiest dose of vodka!



Famous for its DDR decor and original Trabant Polizei car parked out front, Ost-West-Cafe is the iconic summary of your Berlin Wall exploration (the Wall memorial is super close). Be sure to stop by here for some classic Berliner East-meets-West fare.

No seriously, the food comes eerily close to soviet times.



Low lit, old mahogany, leather booths, attentive cocktail artisans, rustic brick. *heavy breathing* Russian... SEXY! If this place doesn't help you impress, well, there's no helping you!