Although Urban Coffee Club is working towards creating opportunity -- taking and sharing a ‘speciality cafe’ experience out of its usual cafe habitat, and into other unique places where you wouldn’t otherwise expect it --  nevertheless, sometimes you can’t beat a great coffee, made by a black-belt barista, in a heavyweight coffee house or roastery.

So below is a list of our top 5 must-visit speciality coffee cafes in our network. Our favourites!

Black Apron  |  Speciality Coffee Roastery & American-style Bakery

Don’t let the incredible variety of amazing baked goods from this American-style Bakery fool you — although they may rightly distract you. Although they are new to Berlin (by way of Hildesheim) we believe they are one of Berlin’s greatest speciality cafes.

With a revolving selection of several direct traded coffees on offer at any point in time (provided courtesy of their Hamburg-based sister company CODA roastery), you can explore the plethora of nuances found within single-origin coffees, and enjoy it prepared it the latest contemporary fashions: from the more familiar espresso-based, to cold-brew, to pour-over to everything in between!

There’s a reason Black Apron are featured top of our list — they take coffee seriously (and they know coffee tastes best accompanied with a buttery treat, which never hurts!)


Cafe Oslo  |  Scandinavian Coffee at its Finest

Oslo Kaffebar provides a haven for anyone looking for an extremely well prepared shot of caffeine before work, after lunch or any time at all.”

— Kristian Moldskred, founder

It’s a fairly well-known fact that Scandinavians are world’s top coffee consuming nations per capita. In fact, five of the top ten countries worldwide are exclusively Scandinavian: Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Denmark (with the Former consuming nearly double the annual quantity than that of your typical German). Set the bar high we say!

So of course, when a cafe is named after the Norwiegian capital, your expecting something special — and Oslo Kaffebar delivers everything you could dream in terms of coffee in spades! In terms of decor, where Germans have gemütlich, the Norse and Dane’s have Hygge. From the incredibly comfy rough-sawn timber meets concrete bauhaus confines of this scando-chic cafe, Oslo’s house-roast speciality coffee is prepped by their crack-team of Baristas with a rare deftness and attention to detail: drip coffee, nitro brew, or espresso-based are all at home here. And of course some write-home-about baked goods!

It’s noteworthy that Oslo’s founders Kristian Moldskred and Steve Morris have opened sister cafes and bars over the years to: ‘Embassies’, ‘RD Coffeebar’, and the iconic Berlin craft beer house ‘Kashka’ — all also participating in the Urban Coffee Club network.


TINMAN  |  Antipodean Coffee Shenanigans 

Ahhh, the beverage that launched a thousand ships. One of the most hotly contested debates of the last century. That’s right: where is the home of the flat white?

Depending on which side of the Tasman Sea you’re on, the answer to that question varies. But it’s undeniable: this golden-crown of milk-based coffees has its origins in either Australia or New Zealand, depending on who you ask (and likely, where who you ask are from).

It seems no-one will ever truly know the answer, so of course who better than to officiate such a competition, than an ‘unbiased’ Brit. And that’s exactly what makes TINMAN great! Run by Adelaide Justin and London Harry, this banterful pair and their team of seasoned cafe veterans churn out some of the greatest speciality coffees this side of Mitte right by the Rosa Luxemburg Platz train station.

Though they can also include their legendary brunch menu to their trophy cabinet, their foundation lies in providing exceptional coffee and contemporary quick eats — Cafe Food to dine in, or on the go — to Mitte locals.


Archetyp  |  Coffee to Warm the Hearts of the Others

The Archetyp project is to create a cafe for the common good.

…a cafe with the social mission: to serve the community and organisations, educators, artists, and others who strengthen that community.”

In order to achieve this noble cause, the friendly small cafe offers only top-notch sustainable products: a revolving selection of featured speciality coffees and a fine offering of local seasonal yummy food goods.

And of course... coffee is only as good as the experience or who you share it with! So there’s fortunately also a constantly evolving lineup of interesting cultural and educational events to affirm their position as a Kiez community centre.


R/D Coffee Bar  |  Coffee-Commuter Central

Why do we love R/D so much? Well, one of the funny things about Berlin is that many of the cafes here aren’t even open when you need that caffeine the most: first thing in the morning! So, R/D do something unfathomable and open every weekday at 8am. Talk about disruptive thinking!

R/D’s location is right by Naturkundmuseum transport hub, and with lightning fast WiFi, this is the perfect place to get out the office but still stay online. Pull up a pew and get to work in the comfy surrounds! In fact, this speciality coffee bar is a great place for digital nomads and businesses in general, as it’s also on the ground floor of Silicon Allee’s startup campus.

In fact, R/D isn’t just for speciality coffee, they’re the perfect place for speciality things-of-all-sorts — how about some awesome craft beer or wine to wrap up a big day with the team?