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Farm-Level Packaging. In-Advance Payment.Earn 30% Or More Over Production Cost. Guaranteed.
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Your coffee changes hands up to seventeen times before it reaches the consumer. Bonaverde cuts out those steps by putting you in control of your own coffee value chain. No more middlemen. You set your own price and build your own brand, so you’re the face of your own coffee. Menu Consumer order directly from you, buying beans online with a single click.
The Bonaverde way means breaking free from unfair market conditions and selling your beans on your terms. Join our global, transparent direct trade marketplace, where your green beans are the high-quality end product.
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Gepflückt, verpackt und versendet vom Herkunftsland
At Bonaverde, we want the benefits of your coffee business to stay close to home. That’s why we make it a priority to keep as many of the value-adding processes as possible in the coffee-producing country.
Our farmers not only pick, but also pack and ship the beans directly to the consumer, directly benefiting individuals, communities, and the local economy.
The consumer receives beans ready-to-use straight from you, the farmer, harvested and processed with care and passion they can taste.
With just a swipe, the roast-grind-brew process begins, making the freshest, fairest cup of coffee in the world.
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