About Us

Bonaverde is a technology start-up revolutionising the world of coffee. With our portfolio of award-winning technologies, smart appliances and software, we cater to both in-and-out of home coffee consumption.

Our mission is to provide consumers with the freshest cup of coffee possible, whenever, wherever.




BV Labs is our think-tank comprised of techies, marketers, coffee nerds and entrepreneurs. All of our technical innovations in products and services are designed for, and by, real-life users, and serves to generate licensable coffee tech intellectual property.



Urban Coffee Club  |  urbancoffeeclub.de


For consumers on the go and small business teams, we recently launched the mobile app-based speciality coffee network: Urban Coffee Club. As an all-in-one digital product, service and logistics ecosystem, we’re on track to being the European equivalent to Cups.

Prior to our own recent stealth pilot launch we recruited over 100 unique cafes, restaurants, studios, bookstores, stores, and salons comprise our network of Urban Coffee Corner outlets. In our test ground in Berlin-Mitte, we had nearly 3,000 consumers download our Android and iOS apps -- within the first 10 day, making us the second and third most downloaded food and beverage app in Germany for that month (App Store and Google Play, respectively).

The Club recognises the importance of the 3rd wave of coffee, and the role speciality  speciality cafes play in this. We are creating a digital 4th Wave intended to expand this formerly unique, niche, experience out into locations where previously top-tier quality was unobtainable by a broader consumer group.


Bonaverde Berlin  |  rgb.bonaverde.com

The Berlin all-in-one smart coffee system allows at-home consumers to roast, grind and brew green coffee beans into the freshest black coffee. This world first app controlled IoT device remains EU’s largest ever crowdfunding of a food-tech appliance, further winning the German Innovation Award of Excellence in 2019.

Over 5,000 units have now been sold worldwide, and all Berlin crowdfunding pledges in the USA and the EU are now fulfilled. Distributor licenses are likely in Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Gulf regions, and the UK, with sufficient machines for the rest of the world having already been produced.

Bonaverde AddOn

For the enterprise market, Bonaverde offers a larger volume IoT coffee roaster capable of both standalone or modular functionality, similarly controllable with the myBonaverde mobile app.

The AddOn adapts to directly connect onto a wide range of products, including 98% of all commercial grinders in the gastronomy industry, and 35% of all fully-automatic coffee machines. This enables both cafes or offices to small-batch roast their own single-origin speciality beans in-house, as well as for roasteries to batch track with a consistent reference sample-roaster at a fraction of the cost of the commercial alternatives.




The Bonaverde Marketplace  |  goodgrams.eu


Linking Bonaverde’s hardware, software and services is its third pillar: consumables.

Providing a steady revenue stream and suitable for a dropship logistics approach, Bonaverde’s online Speciality Coffee Marketplace is one of Europe’s largest online selections of premium speciality coffee brands, appealing to a high-value, boutique and aficionado consumer markets.

It includes direct traded single-origin green coffees and a large offering of roasted coffees from Europe’s highest regarded speciality coffee roasteries; and also functions as an avenue to on-sell and trade intellectual property, in the form of branded bespoke coffee recipes and roast profiles (developed in collaboration with the speciality coffee roasteries).