Bonaverde Coffee Tasting

Speciality Coffee Tasting Experience


For a Truly Excellent Team Event

Roast FRESH, FAIR, SPECIALITY coffee on-site, on-demand, and make it something to remember!

In our speciality coffee lab, you’ll have the unique sensory opportunity to taste, touch & feel an incredible variety of top-tier coffees, farmed by micro-lot producers from around the world.

You’ll explore what makes each and every coffee unique:

Learning about various heirloom coffee cultivars, geographical terroir, climates & altitude, and most importantly discover each farmer’s life and story: their history, traditions, production methods, and commitment to quality.

In our revolutionary all-in-one desktop coffee roasting-grinding-brewing machines.

We roast all coffees on-site before your eyes, and brew it into aromatic, deliciously fresh coffee on the spot for you to try.

We’ll teach you how to taste and describe coffee aroma, fragrance and flours, and show you how different one coffee can taste by roasting it differently!

You’ll be taken care of by our wondrous expert Kike Molares, a certified coffee sommelier.

Stand out from the crowd, and get a coffee tasting experience!

 You’ll walk away with an increased appreciation for the world of coffee (and of course a gift bag for you to take home to remember us by!)

Tastings are available 9-5pm weekdays, book a time which suits you or your team: