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Bonaverde Green Beans Pouches

The Bonaverde Green Bean Pouch

Our new and exciting approach to delivering green beans! The pouch comes in either 50g or 80g pouches, with your chosen green beans inside and the perfect roast profile RFID tag attached. All parts of the packet are usable too, we think that is very cool!

We can back our farmers with above industry standard support and direct trade quality relationships. Our vision is to allow you the customer to directly source green beans from your favorite Farmer. Our new pouches are one step closer to achieving this!

While you enjoy the freshest cup of coffee possible you’re also contributing to the wellbeing of farmers. Our goal is connecting you the coffee lover, with quality green beans sourced by us at above and beyond current industry standards. Socially conscious, sustainable, and always delicious coffee.

Features of the pouch include:

All these features mean with one pouch you have green beans, the matching roast profile RFID chip, the filter and the recommended bean to water ratio. Our goal here was simple, to create a way of delivering coffee which is environmentally friendly, easy to use and effective.

How to use your Green Bean Pouches:

  1. Most importantly, do not throw anything away. It is all usable.
  2. Underneath your sticker you can see there is a curved “easy-to- tear” dotted line across the pouch.
  3. Gently tear off the top part of the pouch so that the pouch can open up.
  4. Pour the contents of the pouch into your roasting chamber.
  5. The part of the pouch which held the green beans can now be inserted into the filter drawer and used as your filter.
  6. Lightly press the round sensor button. Then take the sticker and put it up to the illuminated “Scan” sign on your “scan field”.
  7. Fill the water tank with the recommended amount of water for beans you're using 
  8. Enjoy your freshly brewed coffee.
Note: The amount of green beans your are brewing and the recommended amount of water needed are on the side of your sticker. However, feel free to play around with this ratio, that really is the first step to customizing your brew.
Ready? have a look at the Bonaverde Pouches here.

Thank you for being a part of the revolution!

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