What is the Membership?

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You'll want to start from the ground up. You will need the Berlin and some coffee to get you started!

RRP for Berlin is 999.99Є, for Members it's a cruisy 999.99Є 299.99Є


Lucky for you, you already have the Berlin - now all you need is the coffee!

Just sign up to the Membership to start getting your coffee & more.  

Fees & On-going Costs

The Coffee Changer Membership has two costs:

1. Monthly Fee of 9.99Є. This cost helps cover key membership perks such as free delivery, free maintenance kit, free repairs and 3g connectivity of machine.

2. Origins Box cost of 49.99Є. For regular customers this is 69.99Є, without the key perks mentioned above. This will always arrive just as you run out of coffee. Smart delivery from a smart device!

3. Because all good things come in 3's, it's worth mentioning the 299Є set up fee. This covers the cost of the Berlin - after this, it is all yours!

What is the Origins Box

Origins Box will always include:


  • Small Pouch
  • Large Pouch

The perfect size for individual consumption or with a lazy cup with a friend!

Recommended ratio: 50g per pouch & 600ml water = 2-3 cups brewed

Ideal for sharing coffee amongst freinds & colleagues, or for one lone turbo drinker. 

Recommended ratio: 80g per pouch & 1L water = 5 cups brewed

RRP V Membership prices

The Berlin: 

RRP: 999.99 - Member Price: 299.99

Origins Box:

RRP: 69.99 - Member Price: 49.99

Maintenance Kit:

RRP: 14.99 - Member Price: Free


RRP: 89.99 - Member Price: Free

More Questions?

Talk to our FAQ wizard, send us a message through the message icon in the bottom right of the screen, email support@bonaverde.com or call us on 0049 1605938270

Terms & Conditions

Check out our Terms & Conditions, it really is as good as it seems.