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What is the Membership?

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You'll want to start from the ground up. You will need the Berlin coffee machine to get you started and some coffee too!


Lucky for you, you already have the Berlin coffee machine -- now all you need is the coffee!

Just sign up to the Membership to start getting ongoing smart delivery of coffee.  

What is Smart Delivery ?

The Berlin's smart stock system tells us when you have used most of your green bean pouches. We will deliver you a new pack of multi-origin pouches before you ever run out, only ever pay for what you use, and opt out any time.

Smart delivery will always include:

Small V. Large Membership

The only difference is how much coffee you want to brew per batch!

  • Small Pouch
  • Large Pouch

54.99€ per 30 Multi-Origin Pouch Pack

Perfect size for individual consumption.

50g per pouch & 600ml water = 2-3 cups brewed

79.99€ per 30 Multi-Origin Pouch Pack

Ideal for sharing coffee amongst freinds & colleagues, or for one lone turbo drinker. 

80g per pouch & 1L water = 5 cups brewed


How often do I pay?

Great question and we don't blame you for asking!

Once you have a Berlin coffee machine, the only fee you pay is the cost of each smart delivery order of coffee. No monthly fees -- just pay as you go!


If you're a new customer , a new Berlin is 1000€ (this is the 1-off set-up fee). But as a thank you, your very first smart delivery of coffee will be totally free!


More Questions?

Talk to our FAQ wizard!

Terms & Conditions

You can opt-out of the Coffee Changer Membership at any time.

Check out our Terms & Conditions, it really is as good as it seems.


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