Bonaverde Product Plan

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Here are the trails we’ve blazed so far - and our intended path to our final destination: the Coffee Revolution.


November 2013

With 135 working prototypes, Bonaverde started Crowdfunding which led to USD $2.5M and allowed for finalizing R&D and production.


Autumn 2014

After design change and freeze production of USD $700k injection molding and steel tools.



After issues in EB-1 major development and tool changes.

Connectivity Integration

Early 2016

Connectivity integrated to fulfill all Crowdfunding stretch goals.

Alpha Test

November 2016

External professional hardware usability test in Berlin and Seattle.

Beta Production

November 2016

Production of test units for Kickstarter Beta backers.

Shipping Beta (220V/50Hz)

December 2016

Shipping first Beta units for Christmas 2016.

Shipping Beta (110V/60Hz)

Spring 2017

Shipping second batch of Beta units.

Shipping Worldwide

Summer 2017

Crowdfunding and Preorder numbers to be fulfilled in 2017 and 2018.