Berlin Machine Swap

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Uh oh! Is your Berlin machine broken?
Don't worry you can swap it for a refurbished one! 

First, can we help you troubleshoot it?

Before anything drastic, check out:

Or simply get in touch with our team. We're here to help!

Coffee Changers Membership Holders get unlimited machine swaps and repair for FREE 

Even if your machine was already broken before joining -- as a Coffee Changer, you will be able to enjoy every single one of the benefits of your membership straight away. Especially free machine swaps!

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How to Arrange a Machine Swap:

Complete the order for this product

  1. Coffee Changer Members: log in to your Bonaverde account
  2. Add a Berlin Machine Swap to your shopping cart:
    1. Add a note to your order with a short description of what happened and/or what is not working
    2. Advise the colour of your broken machine
  3. Proceed to checkout & confirm your shipping details
  4. We will send you a replacement refurbished machine, and tracking details
  5. Check your email - Bonaverde will advise how to arrange the return of your broken Berlin machine. Including:
    1. PDF of your return shipping label to print
    2. Simple instructions on how to clean and pack your machine before sending it back
  6. DONE!


    The machine swap process is largely dependent on freight time, generally we would expect this take no longer than 10 working days. Our maintenance centre ships every Tuesday and Thursday.

    * If for some reason you really, really, really (and we mean really) don't want to swap for a refurbished machine (even though they're beautiful and good as new), and your heart's desire is to repair your broken one:

    Contact our lovely Support Team to discuss a repair. However, NOTE that this process takes much longer than a simple machine swap, and there is no absolute guarantee that your machine is repairable until we view it in person.