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Coffee Changer Membership


Coffee Changer Membership

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Your Membership Unlocks:

The membership price covers the cost of your new Berlin and first Smart Delivery of Multi-Origin green bean pouches.

After this, your only cost is the cost of beans you use, A.k.a only pay for what you use. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Berlin

To get you started on your journey as a coffee changer! Roast, Grind and Brew in one process to get the freshest cup of coffee possible every time! Click here to watch some videos and learn more.

Free Repairs, yes it's true, for the life of your Berlin you get free repairs.

Not that you'll need it all too much, but if you do then visit here and go through our FAQ Wizard.

Smart Delivery & Free Maintenance Kits

The Berlin's IoT technology tells us when you have used most of your green bean pouches. We will deliver you a new pack of multi-origin pouches before you ever run out.

Every Smart Delivery will include:

Your Multi-Origin pouch pack is the only on-going cost you have - A.k.a only pay for what you use.

The Coffee Concierge

Free and unlimited use of our chatbot, the Coffee Concierge.

Small V Large Membership

The only difference is the size of your green bean pouch.

Large Pouch:

80g per pouch & 1L water = 5 cups brewed

Small Pouch:

50g per pouch & 600ml water = 2-3 cups brewed

Terms and Conditions

Check out our Terms & Conditions, it really is as good as it seems.

Click here to read about the benefits for Farmers!

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