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The all-in-one bench top, modular smart coffee device.
Roast your own green coffee beans, grind or brew them into the freshest cup of coffee on planet earth.

Berlin Key Features:

• Different Brew Sizes
• Tailored Roast Profiles
• Modular Roast-Grind-Brew
• Tap Sensor Command
• Adjustable Stainless Steel Burr Grinder
• Connected Device

The Berlin: World's First Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Device

The Berlin is the world’s first all-in-1 coffee roasting, grinding & brewing smart coffee machine.

Communicate with the machine via a single tap sensor and unique RFID tags, or harness IoT features by using the myBonaverde app for remote control functionality.




Using an infrared roasting process, experience perfect, aromatic coffee every time. Each RFID tag on our coffees contains a bespoke roasting profile, tailored to each single-origins ideal characteristics, or customise roast profiles via the myBonaverde app.

Adjustable stainless burr grinder to suit your own desired level of coffee extraction.

The Berlin utilises a gentle shower brewing head for a delicate pour-over style coffee. Tailor your brew strength via a removable water tank — adjust to suit your preference with different water-to-coffee ratios.

Smart Device:
You can connect to your Berlin from anywhere you like! An Integrated 3G connection & IoT capabilities mean you have remote machine control with our app for scheduling coffee roasts, and modular functionality.
Reversion Updates:
Current Reversion v1.1
• Grinder Access Hatch for manual machine unblocking

• New shower head for improved pour-over area, and even extraction
• LED progress bar for all machine commands

Contents | Volt EU: 220-240V~ US: 120V US
Frequency | Frequenz EU: 50Hz US: 60Hz
Power | Leistung 800W
Dimensions | Maße
W300 x D250 x H495 mm
System Weight | Systemgewicht
9,7 kg

Please check that the voltage in your country complies with the specifications shown on the bottom of the product.
Bitte überprüfe, dass die Voltzahl im Nutzungsland mit den Angaben auf der Produktunterseite übereinstimmt

 Berlin Package Content | Inhalt

• Roasting Chamber
• Filter Drawer
• Carafe/Jug
• Water Tank
• Air Filter & Chaff Collector
• Electric Plug/cord
• Air Filter
• Instruction Manual

Cargo Dimensions | Maße W320 x D320 x H550 mm
Cargo Weight | Paketgewicht
12 kg